Music for the world. 

Spent formative years running and playing in the gaps of New Orleans, St. Michael, Barbados.

Took that caribbean vibe to the USA.

Played percussion and drums, but quickly gravitated to the guitar, incorperating Soca, Reggae, Caribbean rhythms into his style of playing guitar.

later was influenced by R&B, Rock & Funk in the USA.

Produced and Performed Cropover in 1984.

Produced and Performed Take Control and Gine Home in 1992.

Produced and Performed Bridging De Gap 1996. 

Produced Evelyn and Kadooment Morning and Give It Up for Barbadian Legend, Lew Drayton.

Performed with and co-produced American/Icelandic Recording Artist/DJ Seth Sharp.

Lionel Crawford has been recording/performing under the name Teecha since 1984.

The idea of writing songs that are mentally engaging; songs to make people think, but also songs that make people feel and express emotion, even if that expression leads them to dance or simply sit and reflect. Those are the type of songs I like to write and perform. - Teecha